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Independent Escort London

Girlfriend Experience (GFE), Sensual Domination & FMTY

Let me start with a confession: I like to take things slow.

Afflicted with a love of good food shared with great company, my favourite kind of dinner is a relaxed one, with a side order of conversation that has us both leaning in conspiratorially. There is an alchemy at work that mustn’t be rushed. So naturally, I’m always the very last table in a restaurant, oblivious to the staff’s subtle hints to wrap things up. They’re eager to get home, but our night’s just getting started. 

Quickies aside, I’ve never believed in rushing life’s pleasures. I’m happiest taking my time to explore: whether that’s with my film camera in my hand, wandering London’s National Portrait Gallery, sat at my piano trying to crack Grieg or wild camping in the Lake District. I’m interested in play, in experimentation, in adventure: in feeling alive.

I wanted a life rich in that feeling of abundant aliveness; those ‘roar of the crowd as the band takes to the stage’, mindblowing sunset on a Thai island, ‘Laughing so hard I can’t quite breathe’ moments. 

So perhaps it’s unsurprising that I found myself as a London Independent Escort, in a world that beats to the rhythm of ‘yes’, ‘more’ and ‘deeper’. Here was life with the boring bits cut out, where every last drop of delight could be thrown back like a shot of tequila. Because curves like mine – An hourglass you could tell time on if only you could remember your name – deserve to be savoured.   

Are you the one to savour them? I’m drawn to the chronically curious and the eternally hungry, and those prone to accidentally ending up on an adventure on a Tuesday afternoon. I like those that have lived enough to take things neither at face value nor too seriously, and who appreciate a windswept walk on the Heath just as much as dinner at Frog or Sketch

When I’m not in London, I’m reliably found off the beaten path. Sometimes that’s Asia or South America (my last adventures saw me quad biking through the Peruvian desert), and other times it’s a locals-only beach in Southern Spain with oodles of ceviche and beer. A devoted water baby, if I’m within boat tripping/jet skiing/scuba diving distance of the ocean I’m happy. And I’m always on the hunt for a dedicated suncream apply-er and Mai Thai-enjoyer to come with. Apologies in advance if I talk you into some kite surfing or cage diving.

And for those adventurers interested in less-than-vanilla expeditions, I’m the perfect guide. Let me take charge for a little while. Whether I’m in the mood to be a stern mistress, a sensual yet dominant girlfriend or a flirty boss, I like those adept at following a beautiful independent escort’s instructions to the letter. I bet you’d look charming on your knees.  

And above all I like those that, like me, have found that sex is everywhere but connection is rare. The former is nothing without the latter, after all, so let’s show each other the sides of ourselves we keep tucked away in polite society.  

Let’s find an oasis in the everyday. Or even just a restaurant that lets us stay until closing. Let’s connect

Now, pick your poison:

Girlfriend Experience (GFE) | Sensual Domination

Jessika Joyce | Independent London Escort | Stats:

Height: 160cm

Dress Size: 10

Bra Size: 32/34 E

Body Type: Hourglass!

Hair Colour: Dark Brown/Red

Eye Colour: Blue

Tattoos/Piercings: Yes – visible tattoos and piercings

Ready to take the plunge? Contact me to arrange our rendezvous.

Jessika Joyce