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Booking Procedure:

Ready to take the plunge? Great, I can’t wait to meet you.

Upon initial contact, please provide me with as much information as you can, as not to waste my time or yours. My contact form asks for all the necessary details of your desired meet, so please fill out as much as you can. If you are flexible with dates/times, please let me know so I can make sure I can find a time in my schedule that suits us both!

I do not tolerate any rudeness or vulgarity. I understand you may want to run certain fantasies/kinks by me to make sure you are choosing the right provider, however, please try and keep ‘dirty talk’ to a minimum before our meeting. If you want to engage in some cyber filth before our rendezvous, feel free to avail yourself of my virtual service.

If you have any burning questions, I am absolutely available to answer them. I just ask that you first peruse my FAQs as there is a chance the answer you’re looking for is in there. 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so please keep this in mind when reaching out to me.


Payments & Deposits:

Once we have agreed on a time, I will require a deposit to reserve our time together.

My existence is often lively and hectic – which means I have to balance working with a social life, hobbies, exercise and downtime.

A deposit shows me you are serious about the meet and protects me if you are a no-show or cancel last minute, as I will often have declined other clients and/or social commitments to spend time with you.

I generally will ask for a 30% deposit to be paid via crypto or bank transfer. Once I have received this, the pre-date excitement can begin.



I will often ask for some form of screening before our booking – please do not take this personally, it is standard procedure for me and a lot of other providers.

I accept a form of ID or a professional profile such as a LinkedIn page. I may sometimes ask if you can provide a reference from another provider. If you are paying a deposit via bank transfer, the name of your bank account should match the name you have provided in your screening information.

I understand that discretion is paramount, however for me to feel safe and relaxed during our time together, it is important you comply with my booking procedures. All information you supply to me is kept 100% confidential.


Cancellation policy:

I am very understanding that sometimes life gets in the way. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please try and let me know as soon as you can.

All deposits are non refundable if the booking is cancelled completely by the client.

Deposits are non transferable if the appointment is moved within 48 hours of our appointment. If you would like rearrange the booking, you must secure the new date by the time of our original appointment. You can only use the deposit for one date change.

If the booking is cancelled within 48 hours of our appointment, a 50% cancellation fee applies. If cancelled within 24 hours, I ask that the full booking fee is paid to cover my time as I often would have turned down other bookings or social commitments.

On the rare occasion that I need to cancel, your deposit will be refunded (unless we can agree on another date).

FMTYs & multi-day bookings:

All multi-day bookings and fly-me-to-yous require 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep in my own room and up to 90 minutes per day of alone time. Having my own room allows me some downtime and ensures I will get a good amount of sleep, so that I can be properly refreshed and on top form during our waking hours together! I still love sleepy morning cuddles, so rest assured I will rise early and crawl in to bed with you, so we can spend some time basking in the morning bliss.

My 90 minutes of alone time is mandatory for me to do any admin/answer emails and so that I can workout. Exercise is very important to my mental wellbeing and always puts me in a great mood. 


I will always show up to appointments freshly groomed and I expect all suitors to do the same. If we are meeting for an incall, please don’t take it personally if I ask you to hop in the shower and make use of the body wash and mouthwash. This is something I ask of everyone before we share intimate moments together.


Nervous clients:

For many clients, this may be their first time. Or you may just be someone who often lets the anticipation get the better of you in the lead up to our rendezvous.

If you are experiencing pre-date nerves, I will be sure to put you at ease the moment you are in the presence of my confident grace. So, embrace the nerves, let them fuel the fire – those pre-date jitters are leading into something unforgettable, a story worth telling and a memory worth cherishing. 


Gifts are never expected but are always much appreciated and sure to leave me grinning like a cheshire cat. For those who may be stuck for ideas, I have put together a wishlist which has many items to suit all budgets.

View my wishlist here.