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Foot Fetish Escort in London: A Guide to Foot Fetishism

Aug 4, 2023

What is a Foot Fetish?

Foot fetishism, also known as podophilia, is a common type of sexual fetishism that involves being attracted to feet. While the concept may seem bizarre to some, foot fetishism is actually more common than people think. Points of attraction can include the shape/size of the foot, stockings, pedicure, odour and sensory interaction. Sometimes the attraction lies in what adorns them – dramatic thigh highs or iconic Louboutins.

What aspects are in involved with foot fetishism?

Foot fetishism is a nuanced and varied kink – not just limited to ‘sucking toes’ (although having my toes sucked feels pretty fantastic). The nature of this fetish lends itself to the notion that the foot fetishist has to be a submissive, however there are still plenty of ‘vanilla’ ways to enjoy feet if being a sub isn’t your thing. If being submissive is your thing, then you are in luck – I am a naturally dominant woman and love being adored by a willing and obedient gentleman.

Aspects of foot fetishism include, but are not limited to:

  • Foot worship – massage, kissing, licking
  • Shoe or stocking worship
  • Footjobs
  • Trampling
  • Ball busting

I am new to exploring my foot fetish, where do I start?

Foot fetishism is a valid form of sexual expression and should not be stigmatized or shamed. In fact, it should be celebrated! Our feet allow us to dance, run and traverse through life so they absolutely deserve be worshipped. As with any other type of sexual fetishism, it is important that it is explored in a safe and consensual manner, with the understanding that all parties involved are fully comfortable with the activities taking place.

Where can I find a foot fetish escort in London?

Lucky for you, you’re in the right place. As a foot fetish escort in London, I absolutely adore having a lover quite literally at my feet, ready to submit to me. As someone who revels in all things delightfully sensory, my favourite aspects of foot worship are having my toes/feet licked, receiving a sensual foot massage and performing a slippery footjob with lots of lube/oil. If you are new to exploring your foot fetish, let me lead the way as we dive deeper into your fantasy.

I genuinely adore having my feet worshipped, so if you have been looking for the perfect playmate and foot fetish escort in London, look no further…

I can’t wait to have you at my feet,


Jessika x